Legal Stylin’

I interned at a non-profit family law organization this summer. For 10 weeks, I worked 40 hours a week in an office in downtown LA. You know what that means. New clothes! Seriously, I’ve always heard that you dress for the job you want. Even though the intern coordinator told us the office was pretty business casual, I didn’t want to take advantage of that. I never want to be overdressed or underdressed. But I also can’t afford a whole new wardrobe for 10 weeks…. Or can I?

I heard about this idea or strategy called capsule wardrobes. You know me, I had to research it. So I read a few blogs (namely Making Mrs M and Stylebook) to get an idea of how this would work for a work wardrobe. The idea is you pick a color palette of a few colors. Then you buy enough good quality bottoms to get you through a week, and then enough shirts to get you through a week, and a dress or two within the color palette. By mixing and matching and accessorizing, you have tons of outfits!

I picked navy, grey, green, and pink. I know, unusual colors for a lawyer.  But black feels so dreary. And to have a whole wardrobe of it?! No, no. So navy and grey it was; and I find green to be flattering; and pink is just to soften things up.

Capsule Wardrobe

Blouses: Express, The Limited. Skirt: The Limited. Pants: Asos. Dress: Banana Republic. Shoes: Modcloth, Victoria’s Secret. 

Capsule Wardrobe

Sweater: Gap. Blouse: Asos. Dress: New York and Company. Pants: The Limited, Forever 21. Shoes: Victoria’s Secret. 

Capsule Wardrobe

Blouse: The Limited, Asos. Pants: The Limited. Skirt: The Limited. 

It turns out, I had a lot of navy and green already in my closet. So it worked out pretty well. Plus, if there are a lot of basics or solids, its even easier to mix and match to create lots! What’s your work wardrobe strategy?

Thanks for reading! 


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